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About this coffee with a view:

Grand café Prachtig
Grand cafe "Prachtig" ("Wonderful") owes her name to the panoramic view of the skyline of Rotterdam, the Maas river and the Erasmus bridge. It has an all-glass wall that gives a great view of the bridge and a bit of the river, too. In the summer the terrace is open and this is even closer to the river / bridge.

The coffee is good, but unfortunately the portions are not so good. A latte macchiato, which is basicly the biggest coffee you can get in Holland, has been sized down to being a little bigger than a normal coffee while costing 3,75 euro. Take cappucino instead!

It's located quite centrally, and you can get there walking from the centre, or by taking the metro.

The opening times are:
Daily 10:00-01:00 (depending on number of visitors)
kitchen, terrace
The nearest metro station is Leuvehaven. From the metro station, walk towards the bridge but instead of walking over it after the crossroad, walk next to it along the left side towards the river.
Coffee with a view Coffee with a view Coffee with a view Coffee with a view
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Location coffee with a view
Willemsplein 77, 3016 DR Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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