Keep on adding!

02-05-14 - Keep it up! Around 50 places added and counting!


16-10-2013 - Now it is possible to add a new place on with your mobile phone. Simply browse to on your phone and press the '+' button. Search your place, and then touch the screen on the exact location and follow the instructions.

Mobile website live!

30-09-2013 - Now it is possible to visit on your mobile phone. You can search for and view places through the mobile version. For now, adding a new place is not yet possible but this functionality will be added in the future.

Also, please bear with the few glitches the mobile version will have sometimes. If you find any, please let me know so I can fix them!

Facebook integration

21-09-2013 - Now it is possible to share the place you added, on Facebook! After you added a new place on, you'll get a link that allows you to directly share your contribution.

The example below shows an example of this, where "#coffeewithaview" will become the name of the place you added. Add your Coffee with a View now!

Aaaaaand let's go live!

13-09-2013 - Today, has gone live. You'll now be able to add & find (ok, only 1 or 2 for now :)) the best bars, cafes and other places where you can have a nice cup of coffee while enjoying a view.

Future milestones: